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  • Elder Social Housing
    Elder Social Housing – Residents Reflexology Treatments I offer discounted on site Reflexology treatments to over 55s living in social housing communities. Read more here https://judyevans.uk/elder-residents
  • Online Bookings now fully available on my website
    https://judyevans.uk/reflexology-booking-form If you click the link above or the BOOK NOW button at the top left of screen it will take you to the booking page where you can select a date and time
  • Anchor Housing – Reflexology demonstration & taster session.
    Recently a number of over 55s Anchor Housing complexes have responded requesting a Reflexology demonstration and taster session. The first session was held recently at Tomlinson Court1. Ten residents attended as well as the manager Louise. The session started with a brief introduction, followed by a short question and answer session where my friend Geoff…
  • Happy Christmas 2022 & New Year 2023
    Warmest thoughts and well being for you. Here’s to a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year during 2023
    QUEEN ELIZABETH II 1926-2022