Anchor Housing – Reflexology demonstration & taster session.

Recently a number of over 55s Anchor Housing complexes have responded requesting a Reflexology demonstration and taster session.

The first session was held recently at Tomlinson Court1. Ten residents attended as well as the manager Louise.

The session started with a brief introduction, followed by a short question and answer session where my friend Geoff asked me about 20 questions about Reflexology. Then 8 people had a 8 to 10 minute taster. Everyone enjoyed it.

Louise sent an email afterwards saying :-

“Just to let you know Judy came to us yesterday and was fabulous, she did a little demonstration with each tenant who attended, one had badly bruised her foot and today the bruise and swelling has considerably reduced, another reported to me that she had the best night sleep last night and that is something she has been struggling with. I can thoroughly recommend her!”


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